Joe Bonfe Sr.


Joe Bonfe Jr.


Building / Remodeling / Designing / Repairing Homes for 20+ years. We specialize in Custom Homes that won't break your budget. 

Trust the family name and Build with Bonfe! 


Home Building



Storm Damage Repairs

(Roofing, Siding, Gutters, Windows and More)

Why choose Bonfe Builders over the other Guys?

Bonfe Builders holds a reputation for unmatched quality service for our valued customers. We have over a decade of experience serving Minnesota. We are Twin City Locals and treat our customers like friends & family.

Every job we do we will GIVE BACK to a cause/charity of your choice or pick from one of the outstanding causes we support. 

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Family Owned and Operated

Giving Back to the World

Unmatched Quality Service

We are here to serve you, let us know how we can help

Call us at (612)723-8090